FAQ for Advertisers

Starting a campaign

How do I create a campaign?

After logging in, click “Create AD Campaign”, fill in the general details, upload the image you want to be pinned by users, set targeting parameters, your budget. Finally fund the campaign using your Paypal account and voila your campaign is ready

What will I be charged for my campaign?

While creating your ad campaign, you are required to set your campaign budget, which is the amount of money you will be spending on the campaign.

How do I pay for my campaign?

You can fund your campaign using Paypal.

What should I include in the description section?

The description is very important; it should contain the description of the product/service you want to promote. It could also include sample messages that you would like publishers to use while promoting your product/service. Please note that the publisher can edit this message while posting the pin.

Can I run multiple campaigns at the same time?

Yes, you can run as many campaigns as you like simultaneously.


Who are these publishers?

Publishers are Pinterest users who have registered with viraliti.com and have a relatively large follower-base and active boards.

How will you choose a publisher for me?

We have advanced recommendation engine in place which matches a publisher with your campaign based on his interest criteria, demographics etc. Please note that it is on the sole discretion of the publisher to actually pin your campaign or not.


Will I be charged for every click my campaign receives?

No, you will be charged for only the valid clicks.

What is a valid click?

A valid click does not include the following :-
  • Repeated manual clicks from the same IP
  • Using automated click generating tools
  • If the click is not generated from one of the countries specified by you. At the time of creating a campaign you will need to specify the list of eligible countries
This list is not exhaustive, we have specially designed spam detecting algorithms and any spam click will not be regarded as a valid click.

How much will I have to pay per click?

You are free to decide how much you want to pay per click with the minimum being $0.02. The higher the cpc you set, the more influential the followers are likely to pin your campaign.

Reports and analysis

What analysis will Viraliti provide me with?

You will be provided with information such as
  • Which country the clicks were generated from
  • Which all publishers are promoting your campaign
  • How many repins, likes and comments your campaigns received

Where can I see the number of clicks I have received so far?

You can see the number of clicks that your campaign receives on your dashboard.

Can I view the history of my previous campaigns?

Yes, you can view the history of all your previous campaigns. The history is available on your dashboard.