Make money with Pinterest Pins

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Pinterest for marketing

Pinterest is the new darling of silicon valley. It has recorded an exponential growth over the past year or so. Pinterest is now the third largest social network and fourth largest traffic source. Reports have shown that Pinterest users are more likely to buy online as compared to users from Facebook or Twitter the only two social networks larger than Pinterest. While Facebook is way ahead in terms of sheer volume of referral traffic, Pinterest users are more fashion savvy and are generally more interested in actually purchasing from ecommerce portals.

Pinterest is a gold mine for brands. Pinterest is about image sharing and we all know an image is worth a thousand words. Brands can effectively reach out to potential customers via visually appealing ad campaigns. Images posted on Pinterest get repined by users and get a viral growth.

However there is still no effective way for advertisers to connect to Pinterest users. Thats where Viraliti comes in. Viraliti is the adwords for Pinterest. It provides a platform for advertisers to get their banner ads promoted on Pinterest by thousands of influential Pinterest users.