In depth analytics for your Pinterest campaigns

Pinterest is a relatively new website but has already become the third largest social network. Pinterest and other social media portals have become a significant source of website traffic. This also necessitates an overwhelming demand for data related to social media. Which social content is actually driving the users to the website. What topics excites them? When do they actually click these content?

Viraliti provides rich analytics for every social media campaign that you create. Each campaign on Viraliti gives detailed reports about number of clicks, origin of clicks, social media actions like repins, reshares, likes etc. Join now and measure ROI of your social media advertising campaigns.

How does Viraliti provide analytics?

  • Viraliti tracks each and every click that a campaign receives.
  • Viraliti uses official api as well as proprietary technology to mine data from each social network.
  • We use big data crunching algorithms to make meaning out of raw data.
  • Provides user friendly graphical interface for reports.
  • Historical data are preserved. Pull up reports of your past campaigns to analyze anytime.