Advertise on Twitter

Twitter is not only the second largest social network but also drives quality referral traffic to third party websites and blogs. Although links on Twitter are all no-follow and as such have no impact on search engine ranking, but the volume of traffic that twitter can drive is of great value to webmasters. However the problem that brand managers and advertisers face is how to capitalize this channel. Advertisers donot have a platform to connect to these highly influential Twitter users who can promote their brand amongst their followers.

Viraliti - the Twitter ad network

Viraliti solves this problem by providing a medium for advertisers to promote their business on Twitter via a lot of influential Tweeples in the form recommendations. Such form of promotion is more effective as a recommendation by an influential user drives more traffic and sales.

The added advantage that Viraliti provides is that the sponsored tweets are in the form of images. As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words. An image based ad campaign on Twitter has the potential to go viral and drive more referral traffic.

Viraliti runs on pay per click model. So it means as an advertiser, you only pay for valid clicks that your sponsored tweet generates. You can target your audience on the basis of country and interests. In case you receive any traffic which donot meet your targeting parameters, you donot have to pay for it.

Viral Twitter campaigns

It is worth mentioning here that there are a lot of content aggregating websites like Twitmeme which aggregate Tweets and creates a dashboard of tweets related to certain interest areas. All these sites mostly have do-follow links, so as an advertiser you get free backlinks from these high PR websites too.

Moreover when our influential Twitter users tweet about your brand, they are more likely to get retweeted and hence get more eyeballs and clicks thereby generating more referral traffic and sales. If you are convinced, go ahead and create your first Twitter advertisement campaign, if not feel free to get in touch to clarify your doubt.