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General Queries

How do I qualify as a publisher?

If you have a Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube or Tumblr account and have a lot of followers on any of them and you are active on those networks, you qualify as a publisher. But don't be disheartened, even if you don't have an active profile on those networks, you can still signup and grow your social influence gradually.

Do I have to pay anything upfront to join?

No, registration as a publisher is completely free. Join now !


How do I publish an ad?

Once you have received an invitation from Viraliti and your account creation is complete, you will get a list of advertisements that match your social profile. You can choose any of these advertisements and then click on the “PIN IT” button to pin the advertisement onto your board. Every click from that pin will be recorded and you will be paid only for valid clicks you send.

Where all can I publish these ads?

Currently Viraliti is only integrated with Pinterest so you can only publish these on your Pinterest boards. But soon Twitter and YouTube will also be integrated.

When can I delete the ads from my social network?

You can delete your sponsored pin from your pinterest boards whenever you feel like. But remember you can only earn money from pins that exist on your board.


How much will I earn?

You can earn as much as the budget set by the advertiser of the sponsored pin. You earn for every valid click you receive during the duration of the campaign.

How will I get paid?

You can register your Paypal email with us and we will directly transfer the money to your Paypal account. Indian publishers can also opt for direct bank transfer by registering the A/c numbers with us.

When will I get paid?

Once your bank details or Paypal accounts have been registered, the entire sum will be transferred to your account once it crosses $30. Transfers will happen only on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Do I get paid for all the clicks I receive?

No, you will get paid for only the valid clicks that you receive.

What is a valid click?

A valid click does not include the following :-
  • Repeated manual clicks from the same IP
  • Using automated click generating tools
  • If the click is not generated from one of the countries specified by the advertiser. Before you post a pin, you will be notified the list of eligible countries

This list is not exhaustive, we have specially designed spam detecting algorithms and any spam click will not be paid and may also lead to termination of your account.

The report shows I have lots of valid clicks but my earning is zero. Why so?

Firstly, you will get paid for only the valid clicks. We don't pay for repeated clicks or clicks generated by bots etc. Secondly there might be country restrictions set by the advertiser. So you won't get paid for clicks from countries other than the target country. Thirdly even if the click is valid and from target country, but by the time it got clicked, the campaign budget may have exhausted. We have no control over a pin once it has been pinned and for smaller budget campaigns with lots of pinners, the late pinners might get deprived of payment. We are working towards a solution for this problem.

Referral Policy

How can I refer a friend to Viraliti?

On signing up with us, you are provided with a referral link that you can use to refer your friends. Share the provided referral link to invite as many friends as you like.

What do I get when I refer a friend?

If your friends sign up with us using the referral link, you can earn up to 7% of their earning.